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Would you like to participate as an intern or as a volunteer at Associazione interculturale Universo ? Download our program

We have a lot of different activities going on and we would be very happy to welcome YOU to enrich any of our projects or events that you would like to contribute to. If you have ideas for new activities and workshops that you would like to offer - let us know and we would be happy to welcome your ideas in our projects. If you want to know more about our activities, please take a look at our Facebook pages on our website home page.

Here are some of our activities that you could participate in:

General activities of Universo: At Universo we are doing many different activities: language classes in Italian and German are offered, courses about the legal framework for immigrants in Italy, Germany and the EU, City Tours in Bologna, an Intercultural Exchange Forum every Friday afternoon, IT classes and intercultural events open to the public. You are welcomed to participate in any of these activities!

Language Exchange: For everyone who is interested in improving language skills or learning a new language and in exchange sharing his/her own native language! For example many of our participants speak French, Arabic, Bambara or Wolof (and a lot of them want to learn German!). The language exchange is a free offer, you and your language exchange/tandem partner can decide individually how often, when and where you meet! At the same time, you can of course participate in Universo activities together to get to know each other better.

Offering own workshops: There is always the possibility of offering your own workshops at Universo/ESOP! If you have an ideas or a talent for something that you would like to teach to others, feel free to share your ideas with us and let´s see how we can organise a new workshop! The best would be if you could offer workshops that last at least three months and preferably on a weekly base. For example: dancing, theatre, singing, doing handicraft, …

Individual assistance at the office:We offer individual assistance at our offices to people from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. Some of our activities involve; CV writing to apply for jobs, language assistance for those with difficulties and computer assistance for non literate PC users, accompanying young migrants to pubic offices. 

Information desk for migrants and non: To make appointments for writing CVs, immigration office appointments, house search, job online search and general office work at our main office. We are always happy for any help of people who would like to work at our interculturaly oriented information desk. It would be good for this task if you speak Italian, English and French.

Music Lab Universo:  The Music Lab at Universo is a free space and studio that is open for everyone interested in realising and recording personal soundtracks/ songs/ music and jam sessions together!

Fiato Dance: Every Thursday evening at 7pm there is a dance workshop organised by our former participants taking place at Universo in Porta Galliera, Piazza XX Settembre 7. Everyone is invited to come and dance with us :) It is all about having fun, so even if you are not a great dancer feel free to join!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!